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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Arcadia Ultra Seal Single T8 14-15w

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We here at Somefin Fishy Ltd highly advise this unit for Turtle Kits together with Exo Terra UVB Strip lights as they can easily be adapted to aquariums with the clips provided. This is  meaning the product can be used for Aquariums as well as Vivariums & Terrariums.

Powers Single Bulbs 14,15W, 18"

Complies with the latest European aquariums lighting standards

Suitable for beginner or advanced hobbyists

Easy and effortless installation

Supplied with universal mounting brackets

Can be installed to aquarium hoods or walls

Compatible with the Arcadia reflector range

Features patented ULTRA SEAL waterproof (IP67) Lamp-holders

Constructed from durable materials

Genuine Arcadia product