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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Bermuda MultiPump Filter UVC & Lights

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The Bermuda Multi-Pump 2000L has a  built in UV and a set of lights which is an all in one solution for smaller ponds, without the need for any additional equipment.

It boasts a powerful 2000 litres per hour pump, a filter system which combines both mechanical and biological filtration, a UV clarifier to help keep your pond water crystal clear and a set of three LED lights to help illuminate your pond after dark.

-All In One Pump, Filter & UV
-Ideal for both a fountain and waterfall if required. Pump will fit the following size hoses, 12mm, 20mm and 25mm (hose not included)
-Includes 3 x Integrated Multicolour Colour Changing LED Lights (4.5 watt) with Day/Night Light Sensor
-Lights can be taken off the pump and used as a freestanding chain set, in or out of the water
-Mechanical & Biological Filtration
-Powerful 11 watt Ultra Violet Clarifier for Clear Water
-2000 Litres per Hour Pump 45 watt
-Fully Submersible Unit
-Mains voltage cable connected to the pump is 9.5m in length
-12v cables for UV and decorative lights are 4.5m in length and connect to a joiner into a single plugged transformer