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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Aqua One ChemiCarb - Carbon 300g

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A pack of Aqua One Chemicarb activated carbon for use in any cold water or tropical filtration Complete with a free Aqua One Net Media bag.

Aqua One Chemicarb should be used in order to remove residual medications, tannins released from driftwood/bogwood and as a supplement to any other form of chemical and biological filtration you may already be using.

Aqua One carbon will absorb some useful elements and additives you may have added to your aquarium water. This include medications that may have been added to treat sick livestock, please remove carbon before using any treatments in the aquarium. Once aquatic livestock is better the carbon can be re-added to remove excess medication.

Aqua One Chemicarb should be rinsed in aquarium water before you place it in to your filter. Simply remove a small bucket of water from aquarium and rinse required carbon in this before adding to filter system for which you can use the filter media bag provided with this product.