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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Arcadia T8 Vivarium Light Controller 14-15w

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This T8 light controller is rated to IP67, meaning that it is suitable for use in humid terrariums as well as just dry vivariums. Featuring extra air-tight O-Rings around the electrical components to ensure moisture doesn't get inside and short-circuit the electrics.

Complete with plug, sockets, Light Clips and leads, these Arcadia IP67 T8 controllers have a simple On/Off switch and are great for running fluorescent UV strip lights and other reptile bulbs.

We here at Somefin Fishy Ltd highly advise this unit for Turtle Kits together with Exo Terra UVB Strip lights as they can easily be adapted to aquariums with the clips provided. This is  meaning the product can be used for Aquariums as well as Vivariums & Terrariums.