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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Eheim BioPower 200 Internal Filter

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The Eheim Biopower 200 gives the power and efficiency of an external filter in a compact and ease of use of an internal filter.

With a multi-layer filtration system, the 160 has filter baskets which can be filled full of filter media, with a lower inlet basket and filter cartridge which provides both mechanical and biological filtration. After passing up through the layers of filtration, the water is returned to the tank via a unique all round rotatable pump head, with added power-diffuser for additional water surface movement and oxygen enrichment.

The Biopower range of internal filters are built on a modular system, which allows the addition of further layers of filtration.

Comes complete with Eheim SUBSTRATpro filter media.

Max Aquarium Size: 200l
Height: 27cm
Water: Both fresh and salt