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Somefin Fishy Ltd

eSHa 2000 20ml

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The eSHa 2000 treatments works on a wide range of fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections, helping to heal wounds and protect the skin layers. This is the number one treatment for when you're not exactly sure what the cause of the problem is, covering a broad spectrum and helping to fight any disease.

This can be used for; Fungus, Dropsy, Bacterial Skin Infections, Gill inflammation, Fin Rot, Tail Rot, Ulcers, and other wounds. It is also effective against Neon Tetra disease, as well as many others.

eSHa 2000 can be used as a preventative measure for treating fish and plants during quarantine, and as a beneficial tonic when raising fry, and is well tolerated by fish, plants and shrimps, as well as filter bacteria.

This is suitable for all freshwater systems, coldwater and tropical. The 20ml bottle is effective at treating 800l.

This can also be safely used alongside eSHa Exit, the Whitespot Treatment, for a broad and all round treatment if required.