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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Ista Hang-on Breeding Box

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The Ista hang on back breeding box is intended to hang on the back of the aquarium, therefore not occupying space in the aquarium.

Simply connects to an air pump to provide constant circulation of aquarium water.

It is suitable for breeding fish, rearing baby fry, rearing shrimp, or isolating sick / aggressive fish.

The box measures 17cm x 13cm x 13cm.

When using for breeding fish, there is a removable section so that the mother fish stays in the top section, and the baby fry fall to the bottom section to keep them separate to prevent fish eating the fry.

Can be used in freshwater or marine tanks.

Please Note: A suitable air pump is required to connect to the breeder box to circulate water from the main display tank. This is not supplied and must be purchased separately.