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Oase FiltoSmart

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The external filters are suitable for aquariums from 60 to 300 litres and with a moderate fish population. With multi-step, mechanical/biological filtering and a large filter surface, as well as a water flow rate from 300 to 1000 l/h. Crystal clear water is guaranteed. It runs quietly and energy-efficiently. The FiltoSmart range is sold as a complete set with filter media, hoses, adapter, suction and discharge pipes and water diffuser. The compact size of the FiltoSmart makes it easy to fit within cupboards making it an ideal filter system for a variety aquariums.

FiltoSmart 100

Max Out Flow 600l/h
For Aquariums up to 100L
Canister Dimensions - 192 (L) x 190 (W) x 312mm (H)
Pipe Size 13mm

FiltoSmart 200

Max Out Flow 800l/h
For Aquariums up to 200L
Canister Dimensions - 294 (L) x 248 (W) x 372mm (H)
Pipe Size 17mm

FiltoSmart 300

Max Out Flow 1,000l/h
For Aquariums up to 300L
Canister Dimensions - 290 (L) x 246 (W) x 462mm (H)
Pipe Size 17mm