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Somefin Fishy Ltd

PondXpert Blanket Weed Eliminator (1kg)

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An infusion of natural minerals, enzymes and additives. Simply use one heaped spoonful (enclosed) per 300 litres (65 gallons). Formulation contains beneficial bacteria strains. Reduces nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate that feed on blanketweed and algae, also reduces bottom-sludge, murky water and unpleasant odours.

- 1kg treats 11,250 litres (2,500 gallons)

- Use one heaped spoonful per 300 litres (65 gallons)

- Stops blanketweed effectively

- Easy to use: mix the correct amount of powder with pond water in a bucket or watering can and pour back into your pond

- Please note: This product only contains natural minerals, enzymes and additives

- Safe on fish, plants and biological filters

- Use in your pond from early spring when water temperature is above 10°C