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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Evolution Aqua Pure Reef Balance 60 Balls

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Evolution Aqua Pure Reef Balance 60 balls, a Marine specific beneficial bacteria treatment.

The Reef Balance balls contain a unique combination of live marine - specific bacteria and enzymes. Delivered in gel like balls, this combination ensures a population of live bacteria will instant colonise filters, substrates and decor, tank water and other internal surfaces. The reef balance will get to work instantly to digest waste as well as convert ammonia and nitrite to make the water safe and healthy for the marine fish.

The balls help create a perfect balanced ecosystem for fish, corals and other invertebrates in either fish only or reef aquariums.

 Not only does the reef balance benefit the fish, but it can reduce the waste and in turn reduce the skimmer maintenance.

Because it is easy to use, it is perfect for newcomers to Marine Aquariums as well as expected reefers.