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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Seachem Flourite Black

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Seachem Flourite Black is a just one of Seachem's range of superb aquatic substrates. It contains a high level of iron, which is a vital nutrient for healthy plant growth. Essential trace elements are also provided in micro form, they are released slowly from the porous clay substance for maximum effect. As these elements are naturally depleted from the water, they must be restored for the best results.

It can be used alone, or used with other gravels to create a personalised look. It has a neutral balance and will not affect the pH value of the water. Nor will it deposit any colours or pollutants into the water. Flourite Black has dark hues and a thick texture making it aesthetically pleasing.

After use some cloudiness may occur, but should clear within a couple of hours. Seachem's Clarity treatment should help clear it more quickly.