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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Sera Crystal Clear Professional 12 pcs

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Sera Crystal Clear Professional filter media is a patented 3d fibre structure capable of removing partials down to 10µm, these can be suspended dirt partials or algae. 

Although it may look like wool it certainly doesn’t act like it, their innovative design means they retain their shape after use and can be easily washed out retaining up to 80% of their use.

Whether you're using this to clear murky/green or wanting to polish your water to a professional standard, Sera Crystal Clear is the media for you.

Crystal Clear by Sera can be simply placed loosely within an internal or external filter or even a media cup within a sump.

1 Ball per 30 litres of water

12 Balls per pack, Maximum of 360 litre

Removes all partials up to 10 µm

Suitable for both fresh a saltwater aquarium

Ideal for polishing water to a professional level

Can be washed after use which retains up to 80% of their use.