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Sera Siporax Algovec Professional 210g

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Sera Siporax Algovec Professional is a nutrient-utilizing bacteria which removes algae nutrients such as phosphates from your aquarium water safely and effectively. Once this toxin is removed from the water, algae is in inhibited and its production is reduced drastically. 

This 210g pack of Sera Siporax Algovec Professional helps to create ideal living conditions for plants and fish within your aquarium and has been designed by experts at Sera to provide both beginner and advanced hobbyists, with a quick and effective solution to algae control in tank water. 

Size: 210g

Nutrient-utilizing bacteria

Removes algae nutrients

Tackles phosphates safely and effectively

Algae is in inhibited

Production of algae is reduced

Easy to use

Helps to create ideal living conditions for aquatic fish and plants