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Sera Siporax Bio Active Professional 210g

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Sera Siporax Bio Active Professional is an effective dry water conditioner which takes care of pollutant removal quickly and effortlessly, as well as stabilizing biological filtration. The unique composition of Sera Siporax Bio Active is suitable for beginner aquarium hobbyists or advanced aquarists. The 210g pack of pollutant-utilizing bacteria, can effectively remove ammonia and nitrates from your aquarium water as soon as it comes into contact with the water!

Sera Siporax Bio Active Professional decomposes sludge at an incredibly fast rate and quickly transforms critical pollutant reservoirs into a safe environment. By using Sera Siporax Bio Active Professional, maintenance throughout your aquarium is reduced, allowing you less reason to worry about water conditions, and spend more time enjoying the benefits of your aquarium. 

Size: 270g

Effective dry water conditioner

Quickly removes pollutants

Stabilizes biological filtration

Suitable for new and advanced hobbyists

Easy to use

Removes ammonia and nitrates from your water quickly and efficiently

Decomposes sludge at a fast rate

Reduces maintenance frequency