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Sera Siporax Professional 1000ml

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Sera Siporax is a superb biological filter medium suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums. By increasing the settling surface for purification bacteria, Sera’s biological filtration in aquariums is second-to-none. Water parameters are stabilized and maintenance is also reduced.  The kit contains purification bacteria which activates Sera Siporax Professional biologically, almost immediately as it comes into contact with water!

Micro organisms process organic waste and are a natural cycle for aquatic plant nutrition. In natural conditions, the bottom surface sufficiently houses a healthy number of micro organisms, but in aquariums. this needs to be helped along a little by maximizing the surface area for organic remainders to be broken down - this is performed by Sera Siporax. 

The 1000ml Sera Siporax Mini Professional filter media consists of sintered glass. A fine pore structure helps to maximize surface area for increasing the bacteria that break down pollutants with efficiency. The bacteria is constantly rinsed with water, thus breaking down the pollutants with the best possible effectiveness. Self purification inside the fine pore structure results in longer filter holding times.  When combined with other specialized bacteria, Sera Siporax Mini professional filter media also helps to prevent algae reproduction and enhances water conditioning. 

At a Glance:

Size: 100ml

Superb filter media for small aquariums up to around 100 litres in size

Stabilizes water parameters

Immediate action once in contact with water

Reduces maintenance

Small compact size

Fine pore structure

Increases maximum surface cover for organic remainders to be broken down

Allows for the harvesting of micro organisms for plant nutrition

Consists of sintered glass

Self purification of substrate - Longer filter holding times

Breaks down pollutants

Reduces alga production

Enhances water conditioning

Easy to use

Genuine Sera product