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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Sera Super Peat 500g

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Sera Super Peat is a black peat granulate. It stabilizes the pH value in the slightly acidic range and creates the correct water conditions for all ornamental fish from Southern America, Western Africa and Asia such as discus, characins, catfish, barbs and anabantoids. Sera Super Peat hinders growth of fungus, bacteria and algae and is perfectly suited to prepare water for breeding fish, also with low carbonate hardness (KH). It releases the valuable humic acids and trace elements well-dosed into the water.

Directions for use of sera Super Peat
Place 2 to 5g of the granulate per each liter of aquarium water inside the filter, depending on the desired strength of the effect. The KH (carbonate hardness) should be 4 °dKH before the application as to achieve optimal lowering and stabilization of the pH value. The full effect of sera Super Peat is achieved after approx. 2 to 4 days and then remains stable for 6 weeks on an average. Regularly monitor the KH and pH values (potential danger of suddenly sinking pH value).