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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Tetra Pond Multi Mix 1L/190G

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Tetra Pond Multi Mix is suitable for all pond fish and contains the very best flakes, wafers, sticks and gammarus shrimp. This high quality fish food contains flakes that are suitable for smaller fish. The floating food sticks and where the floating part comes in and therefore serves the fish that are more inclined to eat from the pond surface. The opposite to the pond surface feeders, you also have bottom-dwelling fish, the sinking wafers are suitable for them.

The mixed shapes and variety means that the fish get a varied and fore filling diet.

Key Features:

-Food mix comprising four types of food for different species of pond fish

-High quality flakes for young and small fish

-Floating sticks for fish that like to eat at the pond surface

-Sinking wafers for bottom-dwelling pond fish

-Floating and Sinking food

-Suitable for all pond fish

-Protein 41%