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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Tetra Pond Sterlet Sticks 1L

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Tetra Pond Sterlet Sticks is a complete food specifically formulated for the unique dietary needs of Sterlets and sturgeon in garden ponds.

Sterlets and Sturgeon have a unique feeding biology, making them different to other pond fish. For example, they need a small, sinking food, and enjoy a natural diet rich in crustaceans, molluscs and invertebrates.

Tetra Pond Sterlet Sticks provide a diet that is solely formulated for sturgeon and which will keep them in top health and condition.

-Pellet Size 3-5mm

-Fast-sinking complete stick food for sterlets and sturgeons

-Specially developed formula for sterlets

-Optimum protein to fat ratio for healthy growth

-Low carbohydrate content for species-appropriate nutrition

-Fast-sinking sticks respect natural eating habits

-Small sticks match nutritional requirements

-Sticks retain their shape and do not cloud the water

-Easy to eat and highly digestible for improved water quality