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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Tetra Pond Variety 4L/600G

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The Tetra Pond Variety foods are full of vitamins and minerals as well as the tight amount of protein for all types of pond fish. Your fish will have an improved immune system which also means less risk of infection and diseases and happier healthier fish.

Colours are boosted thanks to top quality, biological colour enhancers which supports beautiful colours in not only Koi but all pond fish.

Low waste, these sticks soften quickly in the water for ease of consumption and means less excess nutrients cause water problems for you and therefore less maintenance.

Floating pond sticks are ideal for a community pond as you can see how much your fish have eaten and easily remove any excess too.

-Pellet Size 8-15mm

-Ideal for ponds containing a mixture of different fish.

-Low waste formula for clean, clear water.

-Contains all nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements for a balanced, healthy diet.

-Softens quickly for easy eating.

-Gives fish a varied and interesting diet.