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Somefin Fishy Ltd

Tetra Prima Granules

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Tetra Prima is a specially developed complete food for Discus, mid water and bottom feeding tropical fish. The 150g tub of fish food is a result of Tetra's world-leading premium quality products for aquatic inhabitants both large and small.

Tetra Prima consists of a unique blend of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, making it an excellent choice for discus however it is also suitable for mixed communities of fish.

Tetra Prima also contains key vitamins for excellent health, growth and development results in aquatic fish. It can be fed alongside TetraMin or TetraPro food and helps to promote a healthy immune system as well as great coloration and ultimate vitality.

Size: 150g

Complete food for mid water and bottom feeding fish

Suitable for mixed community fish

Offers strengthened immunity, enhanced colouration and excellent growth and development result in all fish

Can be fed alongside TetraMin or TetraPro food

Easy to administer