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Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Marine 250g

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Minerals for water of reverse osmosis and for soft tap water. Reverse osmosis water is often used to replace evaporated water of the aquarium. But reverse osmosis does not only remove harmful substances but also valuable minerals. With Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Marine the water of reverse osmosis gets back all its beneficial natural minerals and substances. At the same time the alkalinity is raised and stabilized. Kalkwasser for example only adds Calcium, whereas Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Marine provides all trace elements and minerals in the natural composition of the sea. Re-Mineral Marine is also excellent suitable for aquarium conditioning of soft tap water How to use Re-Mineral Marine: Ensure that you use the enclosed spoon to measure a precise amount of TROPIC MARIN Re-Mineral Marine. Use the spatula provided to wipe over the spoon and level the powder. Sprinkle one measuring spoonful onto the surface of the reverse osmosis water while stirring the water. Wait for each spoonful to dissolve before adding more Re-Mineral Marine. Dosage: One level spoon for 4 US gal. / 3 UK gal. (15 l) water . 9 oz. (250 g) treats approximately 210 US gal. / 175 UK gal. (800 l) of reverse osmosis water