Somefin Fishy

Somefin Fishy, Greasby has been providing specialist aquatic livestock and equipment in the North West for over ten years. We have a comprehensive stock of saltwater, freshwater and pond products for enthusiasts.

At Somefin Fishy we are passionate about delivering the best service and a wide range of products for all our customers.

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+44 151 678 9401


  • Andy

    Andy son of Stan is our co owner having worked in the industry since 1991 at the age of 14. Andy's knowledge of fresh and saltwater livestock through the years has grown helping to build the reputation we now have to date.

  • Mike

    Mike has come on leaps and bounds for us here at Somefin Fishy offering up not only knowledge but aquascaping and maintenance, constantly willing to learn new things Mikes work ethic has been testimant to his own success proving to be a big part for us here at Somefin Fishy.

  • Stan

    Our most senior member of staff, father to Andy, Stan has the most knowledge of aquatic keeping, along with serving and maintenance Stan also looks after the business accounts and is a very big asset to our store.