About Us

In 2011 our business Somefin Fishy was born in the village of Greasby on The Wirral In Merseyside. A single family member Andy took the plunge and thanks to another member of the family who kindly let us have the premises rent free for six months, Andy managed to get the business off the ground. In the subsequent years Andys father Stan sold his business and invested in the business to become Somefin Fishy Limited. Our livestock holding tanks increased and our dry goods stock increased to a large scale in choice. We now have two full time members of staff, Mike and Dionne who we treat like family concurring with the family themed basis! Between us all we have many years of fish keeping experience and knowledge to pass on, and we too are always learning from our customers experiences.
The launching of our new website to sell online will be another adventure for us to take on. We hope that customers from afar will be as loyal as our shop customers have been over the years.
We are proud to supply a vast range of aquatic products from a wide range of companies including Aqua One, Seachem, Betta, Pondxpert, Tetra, Fish Science, Ciano, and many others. Our dry goods include Filters, Heaters, Pumps, Foods, Aquariums, and a wide range of ornaments, gravels, sands and decor.
For visitors to our premises we also stock a large range of livestock including Shrimp, Musk Turtles, Axolotls and many species of fish, common and unusual!
The Team :-