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Christmas is coming....

Christmas is coming….

Top 5 items at Somefin Fishy which could make the perfect Christmas Gift!!

Shopping at Christmas can be absolute chaos, picking and choosing the right present to please family, friends and loved ones can sometimes feel really tricky. I suppose the best way to shop for someone would be to seek out what their interests and hobbies would be then go from there. That would be where we come in, and through reading through our list we could surprise you even if fish keeping isn’t the main hobby. From Aquarium accessories, Decor and Electrical appliances, we’ll talk you through some best sellers and what we feel could please the hobbyist as that gift that they’ll truly appreciate.

1# Themed ornaments

The aquatic trade is coming on in leaps and bounds with forever upgrades on items available, but the decor is now starting to become a lot more realistic and detailed, this in turn is allowing for more themed items taking over aquariums and even as household ornaments. These items include, Jurassic park look alike Velociraptor & Stegosaurus, Marvel look alike characters such as Arachnid man and Toxic Green Guy, we also keep some other character favourites, be sure to check out our list below to see which character would make the perfect gift.. As all these ornaments are small in size, they make for brilliant stocking fillers pleasing both aquarists or film fanatics alike thus making these items Somefin Fishys number one Christmas list items.

Themed ornaments

2# Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great way in allowing the person you’re buying for to pick and choose their own gift. In fish keeping a voucher can be a pretty neat gift as owning an aquarium is your own project, feeling the need to use a gift bought for you towards your aquarium can add unwanted pressures to keep everyone pleased. Also vouchers can be put towards larger more expensive items for upgrades on the aquarium, such as filtration and lighting, all again which as a fish keeper you’d like to pick and choose your own equipment. Vouchers purchased via our website can only be used on our website with click and collect available also for locals visiting the store. Alternatively Gift Vouchers can be purchased in store for use on in store visits only.

Gift Vouchers

3# Ai Prime

One for the marine keeper!! The Ai Prime lights are a fantastic upgrade for any reef, the lights are designed for optimum coral growth, with an in app control panel allowing for multiple colour spectrums and a variant on light intensity which caters for mainly nano setups. We have linked our own together with the Nano 40 build 55L aquarium in store. The lighting unit comes available in either black or white. It will cover a 2x2ft radius and an optional bracket is available to purchase for easy installation. Great gift for gadget lovers who want to enhance their marine setup.

Ai Prime

4# Plushies

If you’re wondering what on earth a plushie is, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, the word Plush meaning ‘soft to touch’ helps describe perfectly that a plushie is a cuddly soft toy. A little odd as we are an aquatic store to stock toys you would think! But think again as there are now your favourite species of fish in soft cuddly toy form, with a suction cup attached, it can be ideally displayed on any smooth surface such as on your aquarium. With the size of most plushies available at Somefin Fishy, these would make perfect stocking fillers and are a great gift for any age range.


5# Testing kit

Might seem an odd suggestion for a gift, but a testing kit is a pretty essential part of fish keeping making it a great gift for anyone new into the hobby. Learning the ins and outs of water quality can make the world of difference to whether your fish keeping journey is successful or not, so gifting someone the opportunity to learn more about the project they are about to take on seems to us at Somefin Fishy as a no brainer. For a quick check up Litmus strip kits are available, but to really bring out your inner scientist, Liquid kits are also available, offering up much more accurate readings.

Testing kit

With that feeling of Christmas coming round so fast every year, sometimes it can be best to be organised before getting caught out, trust me, we have all been there, here is to hoping this blog can help ease some of the pressures and we here at Somefin Fishy wish everyone a Merry Christmas!! 🎄


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