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Keeping Musk Turtles

Looking at keeping Musk Turtles? We’ll talk you through what’s available and what equipment is on hand to use to ensure your newest pet gets exactly what they need.

Choosing the ideal setup.

First of all you’ll want to know a minimum size aquarium. Long term for one full sized adult you’ll require no smaller than 100cm width and at least 40cm depth. Aquariums such as the Horizon 182 & Ciano 100 which we keep in stock regularly make fantastic setups to use.

Making sure you have adequate filtration.

Filtration like with any aquatic life is a very important factor. Most setups only come equipped with an Internal filter system. If you plan on adding some larger fish to accompany your Turtles then lots of food to reduce predation will be required and therefore larger filtration with more capacity for biological media would be best. The addition of a canister filter such as the Betta 2000l/h or the Aqua One Ocellaris 1400l/h would make really good upgrades to ensure the water quality is kept at its optimum together with addition of Alfa Grog.

Lights are an important factor for a Turtles health.

As Turtles are Reptiles, they’ll require specialised lighting, especially as youngsters. With being kept indoors they unfortunately lack natural sun rays such as UVA & UVB. We advise most importantly to provide UVB in the form of a basking bulb, this can help them regulate body temperature, dry themselves out to reduce the build up of algae & Funguses growing on their shells. This also will allow them to produce D3 as without the introduction of a UVB basking bulb Turtles can suffer with Shell rot, a weaker immune system, nutrient deficiencies or even death.

UVA although is present in a Turtles natural environment offers very little compared to the effects of a UVB bulb, so is optional for extra lighting within your aquarium.

Many different units & bulbs are available for many different aquarium types, we recommend Arcadia Florescent Lightning Controller together with Exo Terra Reptile UVB 5.0 Bulb for an aquarium with a hood or lidded flaps, or you could go for the Zoo Med Porcelain Clamp Lamp together with Exo Terra Reptile UVB 100 Screw in bulb for open topped aquariums.

Making sure you have all the essentials.

Along with the correct size Aquarium, Filtration & Lighting, your new pet will require a form of docking station to allow for the animal to leave the water if it requires. Although as adults Musk Turtles will rarely leave the water you’ll still need to provide an area in the aquarium for the animal to exit. We’ve not only made an area with a rock structure for our own display in store, we’ve also used the Zoomed Floating Turtle Log which self floats and our Turtle loves it.

Other essentials you’ll need consist of a Dechlorinator such as Seachem Prime, Sand substrates, the option of Rocks, Woods, and artificial plants and ornaments to dress the aquarium would be best as Turtles will naturally eat live plants. We also recommend a heater guard such as the Aqua One Heater Guard which is universal and adjustable for all size heaters to avoid your turtle getting burnt.

Musk Turtles are great characters and can keep you entertained with there funny behavior making them enjoyable to keep, they can be purchased from us here at Somefin Fishy in store only which gives a great excuse to pop in and see us together with our little reptile friends.


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